Last Updated: October 2020


This policy describes, American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc, including its subsidiaries and affiliates listed on this page, and the types of cookies that may be implemented at this Website, and how we may use the information collected by cookies.

Cookies are small data files that are sent from a website’s server and are stored on your device’s hard drive either for only the duration of your visit (“session cookies”) or for a fixed period (“persistent cookies”). Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web server.  Websites can read these cookies and, depending on the type of cookie being used, retrieve limited information about the people visiting those sites.  For example, a website may use a cookie to remember your user preferences, which would allow that site to quickly provide you with information or services that you previously requested. Cookies may also be used to ensure that you are viewing the most updated version of a website.

Cookies do not store personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, or telephone number) and cannot, by themselves, personally identify you. Cookies cannot access a device’s hard drive or memory settings, and virtually all modern web browsers allow users to control the use of cookies.

Performance / Analytic Cookies.  This Website uses performance cookies (which are also known as “analytic cookies”).  These cookies collect information about your use of this Website and help us evaluate and improve the way it works.  For example, we may use performance cookies to determine which areas of the Website that you visited the most, or to determine if you received any error messages while at the site.  Performance cookies also provide us with statistical and analytical information about the Website, such as total page visits, bounce rates, technologies used to access the Website, and page load speeds.  We may also use performance cookies to gather data that helps with load balancing, which helps ensure that the Website remains operational.

Re-Targeting / Advertising Cookies. This Website uses re-targeting cookies to remember that you visited the Website, and to enable us and our designated third parties, such as Google, to serve you with advertising when you are visiting other sites. We currently work with Google to display personalized advertising messages to you; therefore, if you use a Google account (depending on the settings in your Google account), Google may link your Google web browsing history to your Google account to deliver personalized ads.  If you do not want this association to occur, you will need to log out of Google before accessing the Website.  Note, opting out of a re-targeting cookie does not necessarily mean that you will not see any advertisements on the Website; however, by opting out of a re-targeting cookie, the advertising will not be targeted to you through the use of third party cookies.

Functional Cookies.  These cookies are used to remember choices that you make while visiting the Website and may provide you with more enhanced or personalized features at the Website. Some functional cookies are “session only,” meaning they will exist for only as long as your browser remains open.  We may use session-only cookies to remember selections or choices you made at the Website during a single visit, such as whether you viewed a video or content multiple times during a single session.  Other functional cookies are “persistent,” meaning they will last from one visit to the another unless they expire or are deleted from your computer or mobile device.  We may use functional cookies to help us remember your login information, language preferences, or whether we displayed specific content at the Website in any of your previous visits.

To learn more about how we use the information collected by cookies, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, but provide controls that allow you to block or delete them. For example, in Google Chrome you can block or delete cookies as desired by selecting Settings>Privacy and security>Cookies and other site data.  In Microsoft Edge, you can block or delete cookies by selecting Settings > Privacy and services > Clear Browsing data > Cookies and other site data. In Apple Safari, you can block or delete cookies as desired by Preferences > Privacy.  If you use a different browser than Chrome, Edge or Safari, you should refer to that browser’s instructions.

Please note, certain features of the Website may depend on the use of cookies.  If you choose to block or delete cookies, those features may not be available or function correctly.

Cookies associated with Adobe Flash Player may be blocked or removed through the settings of the Flash Player.  For more information about how those settings work and/or how they can be modified, you should visit

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